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Blonde Mermaid

6’ Mack Surfboard - Can be viewed June 1st at Bliss 101 Encinitas

The variety of iridescent glass used in “The Mermaid” makes this a vibrant and stunning piece!  The purples and reds in the glass of her feathered tail and the individually cut scales of black iridescent glass in her body beautifully set off the golden hair of this mythical sea goddess. The 6” hand blown glass star tops off her reach and reminds us all to always Reach for the Stars.

While working on this piece, Julie reconnected with a former colleague from The Burn Institute who is now the founder of  “Angel Faces”.  Headquartered in Encinitas, they provide healing retreats and support for girls and young women with disfiguring injuries.   Julie sees The Mermaid’s “shattered and broken” pieces of glass coming together to form one “beautiful whole” piece as representative of the work Angel Faces is doing in the lives of these young girls.   A 20% donation from the proceeds of this piece will support this wonderful program.

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