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Todos Turtle

3’ skim board - $1,800 - Can be viewed and purchased at Bliss 101 Encinitas

Julie created this vibrant life-size sea turtle while in Todos Santos, Mexico. The texture of the glass fells like a turtle’s shell and the colors in his fins reminds Julie of swimming with turtles in the Caribbean! His eye is made from fused glass (several layers of glass melted together in the kiln) and the red glass in the coral just made this underwater piece come to life!

While working on this piece at the hilltop casita “Los Colibris” in Todos Santos, Julie noticed a small group on the beach directly below the studio. Discovering that a local group was conducting a turtle protection/release program, Julie was quick to volunteer. After protecting the turtles eggs until they hatched, the group released the 15 minute old babies back into the Pacific.  A true believer in synchronicity, Julie will donate 20% from the sales of this piece to this program.

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